Tiree Beanie

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Tiree Beanie

Tiree Beanie- This hat is named after the Isle of Tiree in Scotland. Tiree is the most western island in the Inner Hebrides. This low-lying island is 30.2 square miles in area and is home to a population of about 650. The land is highly fertile and crofting, alongside tourism and fishing are the main industries on the island. Tiree is a popular surfing and windsurfing destination. A large royal air-force station was built on Tiree during World War II and became Tiree Airport in 1947. There are daily flights to Glasgow International, the Isle of Coll and Oban.

Casual Slouch Beanie Hat- The simple ribbed oversized knit of the slouch beanie provides a fashionably casual look. It is 100% soft spun acrylic allowing for a snug and secure fit. Perfect for everyday wear during the cold winter months. Suitable for wear all day whilst on the go or during activity due to comfy breathable fabric. See our full range of Scottish beanie hats here.

An attractive Scotland label is attached. It features the saltire (St Andrews Cross) in its traditional colours of blue and white.

One Size fits most due to stretch to fit design.

Available in a variety of colours:  Navy, Grey or Black.