Clothing embroidery

Corporate clothing for business

Office staff shirts, blouses, ties, scarves,suits, trousers, jackets, skirts for men and women.

Work-wear for industry

embroidered hoosieClothing embroidery service includes a vast range of clothing from basic underwear to heavy heavy boiler-suits & all jackets jackets .This include high visibilty clothing, shoes & safety boots.. We supply embroider clothing to the catering and service industries.

Outdoor clothing

All types of outdoor clothing including lightweight waterproof, goretex jackets, fleeces and much much more .

Clubs, schools and universities

Team-kits including t shirts,  polo shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and training suits
Team-wear at G.T Design & Marketing
GT Design and Marketing cover an extensive range of sports including football, rugby,and cricket but golf, cycling, racquet sports – tennis, squash and badminton,motor sports and ski-ing
If you would like GT Design to provide embroidery services for your club or organisation the please call us on 01355 232321