Hirta Bob Hat

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Hirta Bob Hat

The Saint Kilda archipelago is the most western group of islands belonging to the Scottish Outer Hebrides, all the way out in the Atlantic Ocean around 41 miles (64 km) to the west of its nearest island neighbour, Benbecula, and 112 miles from the mainland of Scotland. This archipelago consists of four islands, of which Hirta Island is the largest, although it is actually not very big. It has just 9.3 miles (15 km) of coastline and a total area of less than 2.5 square miles

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One size fits most due to stretch to fit design .

An attractive Scotland Tag is attached .It features the saltire (St Andrews Cross) in its traditional colours of blue and white.

One size fits most due to its comfortable stretch fit design

Available in colours Black/Grey, Navy/Lilac, Pink/White, Teal Navy