Jura Headband

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Jura Headband

Jura Headband- This headband gets its name from the Isle of Jura in Scotland. Located in the Inner Hebrides, Jura is a mountainous, bare and infertile island. At 142 square miles Jura is the eighth largest of all the Scottish islands but due to the fact is is largely covered by vast areas of blanket bog it has a small population of less than 200. The main settlement is the village of Craighouse on the east coast which is home to the Jura distillery, producing Isle of Jura single malt whisky.

Waffle Knit Headband- This sleek slip on Waffle Knit headband is made with soft acrylic, knitted in a crocheted knit pattern. It has a microfleece thermal band adding warmth and comfort. Perfect for adding a little extra style to any look this winter. View our full range of beanies and bob caps.

An attractive Scotland label is attached. It features the saltire (St Andrews Cross) in its traditional colours of blue and white.

One size fits most due to stretch fit design.

Available in a variety of colours: Cream, Black or Coral.