Tartan Baseball Cap, Scottish Design - 3 styles

  • £12.45

Tartan Baseball Cap, Scottish Design

Tartan Baseball Cap, Scottish Design. This baseball cap is made of 6 panels of brushed heavy cotton with colourful tartan peak. It has a fabric covered soft strap for adjusting to a comfortable fit. Added design on front of crown and the classic curved peak adds to this hats fashionably casual look.

Choose from one of the following stylish and intriguing designs related to Scotland and its history:

Rampant Lion- This design features the Rampant Lion, an emblem of courage which signifies a valiant warrior. It appears on the Royal Standard of Scotland and was historically used by the King of Scots. Scotland is embroidered boldly below.

Traditional Thistle- The word Scotland is embroidered below a traditional thistle. Legend has it this prickly leaved pink/purple flower saved Scottish soldiers from ambush when one of their enemy trod on a thistle with his bare foot. His cries sounded the alarm, the enemy was duly defeated and so the thistle became a national emblem.

Lion Rampant Insert- The word Scotland has been elegantly embroidered with a rampant lion insert. Historically the lion was regarded as the king of beasts and was chosen as an emblem of Scotland to symbolise its bravery and strength.